Sunday, February 15, 2009


When I was little, I was scraed of most things, but there was one and particular that we can all thank my older brother for: my fear of Darkness. This happened when I still lived in Illinois and I was anywhere between 7 and 9 years old, I honestly don't quie remember. We were in our family room, which housed all of our video games. We had just got a new game for Christmas: Torok 4. We shoved it into our Nintendo 64 and began to play. Right away, I knew it was not going to be like the other torok games with dinosaurs and multiplayer mode; it was completely different. I bet the cut scene wouldn't bother me now, but it was pretty bloody and full of things my small mind couldn't comprehend. A scene in particular, the one that really did it for me, was when we were walking down in the sewers and ran into this old man. He was obviously scared and begged us not to hurt him. When he finally can to the conclusion that we were not aliens, he agreed to show us the way out of the sewers. He led us up a ladder and opened the latch to the streets, but right when he stuck his head out, he screamed and his body went flying; all you could see were his legs whipping back and forth. We let it settle down a bit before we climbed out and what we saw was the nice old dudes legs detached from his torso, which was still alive and lying in this massive pool of blood. You are probably wondering why this made me scared of the dark. That's because I watched this late at night, which my brother and I are notorious for doing, and it was night time in the game. Fear of darkness connects to our novel because they are in complete and total darkness at night with no protection whatsoever, and most of them are scared of the "beasties" that come out at night. Also, I have a fear of large bodies of water, due to the fact of watching my dad almost drown. So, considering that these boys are on an ISLAND, I think I would be pretty much screwed.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Ah, Technology...

I love technology. The ability to use it in English has even improved my love for it, but there are a few things that hinder me. For one, I don't always have a computer. All we have is a laptop and it is my Dad's work computer as well, so when he leaves for a job, I might not have a computer for days or weeks at a time. Also, I don't have a printer. Well, I do, but it took a crap. So I can't print things out at home and I don't always have time to go to the library to print. But, other than that, technology is just wonderful. ^^

Monday, December 22, 2008

Blog Inglese

Hmmm… Daggers in men’s smiles. This half happened when I lived in Illinois and continued on to my moving here. I had this so called “friend” and we were pretty close. My cousin was her boyfriend and she was head-over-heels in love with my best friend, Randy, yes, while still going out with my cousin. So, I overheard her talking about it one day, and I told Trevor (my cousin) because I didn't want him to be hurt. He dumped her and she obviously grew angry with me, but I'd rather that than my cousin being hurt. She acted like she was my friend, though it was obvious that she wasn't enthraled with me at all. So when i moved up here and had absolutely no contact with my friends or family at all while trying to get settled down, she told everyone at school, including Randy, Trevor, and all my other close friends, that I died in a car accident. Randy did everything possible to try to contact me, but was afraid to know the truth when he found my address. Trevor went into denial and spent most of his time at home. The only way they knew I was alive was because I sent Christmas cards out to everyone. Then I saw Randy (Trevor had moved to Ottawa so I didn't see him) and he rubbed it in her face. Ha ha. I thought it was funny. But not when Randy and Trevor and the rest of my friends (Michael, Kaylla, Chizuru, Megan, Teegan, Chelsea, and Desiree) told me how they felt. I felt really bad not contacting them sooner.